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Looking Under the Hood of BBP

At first glance, it may look like the Beyond Bullet Points approach is complicated, but in reality there are 3 main innovations that give it enormous strength. In this live webinar you’ll learn what they are and how to relate… KEEP READING

Craft Your Story Faster with the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad

Sometimes you don’t have much time to put your presentation together, and you need a quick way to structure what you’re going to say. Next time, try the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad as an abbreviated story template.  Watch this 1-hour video… KEEP READING

Speaking from Presence: How to Let Go of Notes and Speak from the Heart

Most speaking methods teach you to prepare your story in advance and then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  But what would happen if you threw away your notes and spoke naturally from your knowledge, convictions and passion?  You just might surprise yourself… KEEP READING

How to Use BBP Templates to Create Your Presentations Faster

A big problem arises when you apply ordinary PowerPoint templates to every slide in your presentation – instead of visual variety and a clear story, you get tedium that visually bores your audience.  Break out of the ordinary and learn… KEEP READING

How to Help Others Move Beyond Bullet Points

If you’re aiming to help your boss, your team, your students or anyone else to find their clear and compelling story, how can you use BBP to help?  During this 1-hour video recorded on May 25th, 2011, you’ll learn: Introduce the… KEEP READING

The Power of Three: How to Find the Simple Structure in Your Story

Sometimes the simplest things can be hard to do. That’s often the case with finding the three key points. During this 1-hour webinar video recorded on April 25, 2011, you’ll learn: Why the number 3 is so powerful Why we… KEEP READING

How to Create a Data-Driven Presentation Using BBP

Can you create a “data-driven” presentation using BBP?  Yes you can, but it takes a shift in thinking about the way the human mind learns, and the purpose of an in-person presentation. During this 1-hour webinar video recorded on March… KEEP READING

How to Move Beyond Stock Photography

In the first wave of presentation improvement, we moved beyond bullet points toward a more photographic approach.  But now many presentations look like they are on stock photography overload, with one photo appearing after another like a slide carousel, with… KEEP READING

Apply the Power of Metaphor to Your Stories

Tap into the deep power of metaphor to make your ideas – and your slides – cohere.   Watch the first 25 minutes of this workshop recorded Aug. 12, 2010 and you’ll learn: – Why metaphors work – A range… KEEP READING

How Management Consultants Can Reinvent PowerPoint

If you’re a management consultant, PowerPoint is an essential tool that helps you deliver news, reports, analysis and recommendations.   But if you’re not using the tool properly, you could be holding you and your clients back from being as… KEEP READING