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Podcast: What you can learn from high-stakes presentations

What can you learn when you look under the hood of million-dollar presentations? Listen in on this podcast where Amiel Handelsman interviews me about the key lessons anyone can learn from high stakes presentations. Amiel is an executive coach, change… KEEP READING

Bringing your audiences into resonance

A recent research study discovered that during lower-quality speeches, the brain activity of audience members was out of sync. During higher-quality speeches, “listeners as a group were more coupled to each other, suggesting that powerful speeches are more potent in… KEEP READING

Free Webinar tomorrow: Learn the Physiology of Information Overload

Have you ever wondered why your blood boils or you grow ice cold when you experience an overwhelming amount of information? There actually may be a physiological explanation, which heightens the need for getting it right when it comes to… KEEP READING

Save 40% in July on the BBP 101 Online Course!

From now until July 31, 2012 take advantage of our July savings with 40% off the BBP 101 Online Course. With the BBP 101 Online Course you receive 1-year access to step-by-step learning to transform your presentations Beyond Bullet Points. … KEEP READING

BBP on the web: Indezine and Randomosity features

Here are a few BBP features from the web this past month. BBP 3rd edition book review: “Atkinson’s book is enga­ging without being over­whelm­ing and walks the a reader through a feel sup­por­ted approach that lends itself to imme­di­ate application”… KEEP READING

This Friday: Live Webinar with Susan Schleef: 3 Questions to Help You Connect with Your Audience

What 3 questions should you ask to connect with your audience, and why are they important?  Join us at noon Eastern this Friday, May 25, 2012 as BBP Certification Student Susan Schleef will present a 1-hour webinar as part of the… KEEP READING

Two Weeks Left to Enroll in the Online Course for $99.98 – price to increase on June 1

Since we launched the BBP 101 online course we’ve offered enrollment at the low introductory rate of 1-year of full access for only $99.98.  The introductory offer ends on May 31, so if you’re interested in taking the course, be… KEEP READING

Attend a FREE Outstanding Presentations webinar this week with Cliff

Learn from the top presentation experts in the world as Cliff joins Ellen Finkelstein in her series “Outstanding Presentations.” This workshop is free! Learn how to eliminate Death by PowerPoint and make your presentations come to life as you listen… KEEP READING

BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course in Washington DC, May 27th

Attend the next BBP 101 – LIVE 1-Day Course! Taught personally by Cliff Atkinson, and limited to only 10 participants to ensure a high amount of interaction with Cliff. You’ll learn the basics of BBP – how to build the… KEEP READING

First BBP Live 1-Day Courses a Big Success!

  Last month we held the first-ever BBP Live Courses at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, and the experience was a smashing success.  The two-day training focused on learning the basics of BBP as well as advanced training for… KEEP READING