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Presentation professional? Take a survey!

Do you create presentations for a living?  Are you interested in finding out more about the profession, and how you relate to it?   The Presentations Council is one of the most active groups within InfoComm, a trade association for… KEEP READING

LA Times runs a feature Beyond Bullets

The LA Times ran a feature story about my work on the front page of the business section yesterday – you can download a PDF version here: Download LAtimes_Atkinson_PowerPoint.pdf .  I thought reporter Claire Hoffman did a great job –… KEEP READING

BBP 2.0

Good news for those of you who have enjoyed Beyond Bullet Points – Microsoft Press is planning on publishing an updated version of my book to coincide with the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2007 early next year.  The book… KEEP READING

How to Prevent PowerPoint Overload

Interested in reducing PowerPoint overload?  Check out the archived recording of my March 23 Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Leadership Forum seminar titled "How to Prevent PowerPoint Overload." The online session went very well – a total of 2,107 people attended in… KEEP READING

“Desperate Executives”

It may not be news that PowerPoint is becoming more common in courtrooms today, but it is news when someone uses it exceptionally well. Attorney W. Mark Lanier presented his closing arguments Monday in a Vioxx trial in New Jersey,… KEEP READING

Keeping Your Media Human

When you use projected visuals as a persuasive backdrop to your communication, they become much more than "visual aids" tacked on to your spoken words. They can summarize your point, frame your ideas, and influence mood and emotion. But one… KEEP READING

Join Me for an Oct. 5 Online Workshop

If you’re interested in taking your storymaking or storyboarding skills to the next level, join me in an online workshop tomorrow, Oct. 5, at 9am PT or 5pm PT. Based on the techniques described in my book, Beyond Bullet Points,… KEEP READING

PowerPoint 2.0

Larry Lessig has been called a PowerPoint virtuoso, and his approach recently inspired Dick Hardt, Founder and CEO of Sxip Identify, to use a similar film-inspired approach in his recent presentation, "Identity 2.0" at a conference called OSCON 2005. You… KEEP READING

Sprechen Sie PowerPoint?

I got word today that Beyond Bullet Points is now being translated into German, and will be released in Germany in October 2005.  Here’s the mockup of the book cover, titled Erzählen statt Aufzählen: Neue Wege zur Erfolgreichen PowerPoint-Präsentation. As… KEEP READING

Shocked by Complexity

Have you ever been so confused by the complexity of a map, chart or diagram, that you didn’t know where to begin to make sense of it? If so, you may be a victim of "map shock" or "visual shock",… KEEP READING