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The Left Brain PowerPoint

In case you haven’t seen this animated video of a talk by psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist, it’s worth watching: Iain clears up popular misconceptions about the function and relationship between the right brain and left brain, and updates our… KEEP READING

BBP Featured in Fox News

For  Cliff’s 5 Essentials for Effective Presentations, check out this Fox News iMag article:

Product Review: Editable Maps from Presentation Mall

We’ve reviewed editable maps from and have another for you to look at from PresentationMall. Both companies offer high quality editable maps. The main difference is their collections. One might have one thing you need while the other has… KEEP READING

Minimize Your PPTs with PPTminimizer

PowerPoint files can turn into a monstrosity. Forget about emailing the big ones to someone. They also add bulge to a hard drive (or server). While you can do lots of tricks to shrink the files yourself, you and your… KEEP READING

Product Review: Editable Maps for PowerPoint

Maps make great visual aids in a presentation. You might want to use maps in your presentation to show the locations of your offices, where your customers are, or doing an Al Gore and showing the effects of the environment… KEEP READING

Product Review: Timeline Maker

When you have a complex story to tell that takes place over specific dates, a timeline can help guide your audience if you show a simplified version on screen, and a detailed handout on paper. For example, one BBP user did a presentation on… KEEP READING

How to Shrink Your PowerPoint Files

There are many resources available to help you manage large PowerPoint files. The cost of thumbdrives has dropped while their sizes go up. Many web sites offer free file sharing services so you can share large files with others without… KEEP READING

Looking for a few good BBP consultants

Lately I’ve been receiving more requests from companies and individuals who would like to hire consultants and/or designers who are proficient in the BBP approach. I’m in the process of putting together BBP training and certification programs, but in the… KEEP READING

Seminar recording now online

If you’d like to take a look at the online recording of my May 10  web seminar "Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points", you can view the Windows Media file recording here.  The presentation is an overview of the basics… KEEP READING

Join me for a no-cost web seminar May 10

If you missed my introductory web seminar last year titled "Transform your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points," I’ll be presenting the session again at 9am PT on May 10 in association with Microsoft Office Work Essentials and the International Association of… KEEP READING