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Create your own mini-storyboard

BBP reader Lee Adams passed on this great tip: There is a website called which allows you to make and print a very small notebook from a single sheet of A4 (letter-size) paper. You get 8 sections to put… KEEP READING

Product Review: Timeline Maker

When you have a complex story to tell that takes place over specific dates, a timeline can help guide your audience if you show a simplified version on screen, and a detailed handout on paper. For example, one BBP user did a presentation on… KEEP READING

BBP and the Back of the Napkin (Pt. 2 – Meryl’s View)

In the previous post BBP and the Back of the Napkin, Randy took a look at how the book can help with creating BBP presentations. In this post I’ll take a bit different view and look at the meat and potatoes of… KEEP READING

BBP and the Back of the Napkin (Pt. 1 – Randy’s view)

One of the more interesting and highly acclaimed business books of the year is The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, by Dan Roam. The book can help in the visual thinking process when planning… KEEP READING

Take a Test Ride on the SlideRocket

An exciting new service is on the horizon called SlideRocket, which allows you to create your presentations completely online using a web browser. Although the service is still in beta testing, the SlideRocket folks have offered the BBP community an… KEEP READING

How to Create Custom Graphics Free and Fast

If you don’t have any money to spend on graphics, but you still want something that looks good, one underused resource with potential is the free Microsoft Office Online Clip Art and Media site.  Although some of the 150,000 graphics… KEEP READING

Podcast: How to Tell a Story with PowerPoint

Interested in learning how to tell a story with PowerPoint?  Recently I was interviewed on the topic by Joey Asher, president of Speechworks, a communications coaching firm based in Atlanta. Joey and his team provide workshops and private coaching to organizations and individuals –… KEEP READING

Let’s Get LinkedIn

Interested in finding new ways to connect with others who are practicing BBP? Social networking tools are making it easier than ever to meet people who share common interests like ours. For example, BBP Online member Andrew Storrs just set up a… KEEP READING

Get some photo links

The BBP approach will work most powerfully for you when you use a synchronized stream of images and narration to present yourself and your ideas.  But where in the world do you get the images? The good news is that there are many… KEEP READING

Video: Build a Better Webinar

Interested in learning how to give a good web seminar? Learn the top 3 things you can do in this archived recording of a web seminar that I co-presented recently with my new friend Ken Molay. Ken is consultant who helps… KEEP READING