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Live Webinar May 7th with Cliff Atkinson: Getting to the Gestalt of Your Story

One of the reasons why the BBP approach works so powerfully is that you literally present the “big picture” to your audience before the details.  In psychology the big picture is called gestalt, which is based on the idea that the… KEEP READING

BBP Webinar this Monday: Looking Under The Hood of BBP

At first glance, it may look like the Beyond Bullet Points approach is complicated, but in reality there are 3 main innovations that give it enormous strength. In this live webinar you’ll learn what they are and how to relate… KEEP READING

BBP Webinar this Thursday: Craft Your Story Faster with the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad

Sometimes you don’t have much time to put your presentation together, and you need a quick way to structure what you’re going to say. Next time, try the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad as an abbreviated story template, and you’ll learn how… KEEP READING

First BBP Live 1-Day Courses a Big Success!

  Last month we held the first-ever BBP Live Courses at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, and the experience was a smashing success.  The two-day training focused on learning the basics of BBP as well as advanced training for… KEEP READING

Our Live BBP Courses in LA – only 15 days away!

The dates of Nov. 11th and 12th are fast approaching for our LIVE 1-Day courses in Los Angeles. BBP 101 and BBP Advanced are two intensive, accelerated courses that are designed to ensure that you’ll be the bold, effective presenter you were born to be.… KEEP READING

Live from PresentationCamp SF

I decided to take a little last-minute trip Saturday to San Francisco to visit the PresentationCamp SF, and was I ever glad I did! Based on the “foo camp” and “bar camp” style of un-conferences, 100 people registered for the… KEEP READING

How to Find Your Metaphor, with author Anne Miller

Anne Miller’s superb book Metaphorically Selling encourages the use of metaphors to get your point across. Cliff’s book Beyond Bullet Points helps presenters think beyond words in telling a story that grips their audience. Put them to together for a… KEEP READING

Free Webinar: How to Create a 15-Minute Presentation (with Graphics!) in One Hour

It’s been a while since I’ve presented a webinar with the Microsoft Office Online folks, so I’m excited to announce that we have a free event scheduled at 9am Pacific Time on June 12, 2008 titled “How to Create a 15-Minute Presentation… KEEP READING

Meet me at VizThink!

I’ll be speaking an interesting conference called VizThink, set for January 27-28 in San Francisco.  The conference has gathered an amazing lineup of speakers who represent a wide range of visual thinking professions, from visual facilitators to information graphic designers… KEEP READING