Business Storytelling Resources

People using the Beyond Bullet Points (BBP) approach enjoy successful presentations because they tell stories while giving the presentation. They don’t load their slides with a lot of words and meaningless data. Instead, they weave together the point of their presentation using the story telling techniques we learned as kids.

Stories connect speakers with their audience. It’s also easier to remember stories than facts. Stories can make a point, selling products and services, and communicate what you want to communicate.

To get your storytelling juices flowing, visit some of the many resources available on the web.  What are your favorite resources and sources of story inspiration? 

Beyond Bullet Points: Telling a story with your presentation

Best Kept Secret of Great Presentations

BusinessWeek: Use storytelling to strengthen presentations

Golden Fleece Group

IBM Knowledge Socialization Project: Storytelling in business

MIT Storytelling and Business Resources

The Six Stories You Need to Know How to Tell

Stories Are Serious Business

Steve Denning’s Organizational storytelling

Using Storytelling to Make a Compelling Presentation

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