Build a BBP Presentation Step-by-Step with a Member

Watch videos of the BBP process as it unfolded step-by-step as I worked with BBP Online member Kathy Kerchner to create a BBP presentation from start to finish as part of the members-only workshop series.

Kathy’s presentation topic, “How to Wow an Audience,”  was the #1 choice for makeover topics among BBP Online members.

Click below to watch video recordings of each of the six sessions:

Starting Act I: To launch the Windows Media video, click here
Finishing Act II: To launch the Windows Media video, click here
Sketching the Storyboard: To launch the video, click here
Adding Graphics: To launch the Windows Media video, click here
Fine-tuning the Graphics: To launch the video, click here

Kathy’s Dress Rehearsal:  To launch the video, click here

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