Beyond Bullets blog moves to new home

If you’ve been a reader of the Beyond Bullets blog, I’d like to thank you for keeping in touch over the years.  I’m now happy to announce that this blog is moving to a new home at a new website called BBP Online.

BbponlineA lot has happened since I started writing this blog. I wrote my first post on May 30, 2004 with the intent of generating ideas for the book I was preparing to write, which became the first edition of Beyond Bullet Points. I wrote almost daily for quite a spell, ultimately writing more than 55,000 words in 135 posts. I enjoyed the writing and the community, but as the first edition of the book started to do well and make an impact in legal trials and in the media, I became so busy that I couldn’t find time to keep up with writing blog posts on a regular basis.  I was able to take a breather from my schedule in 2007 to write the second edition of Beyond Bullet Points, and realized that I really did want to reclaim the sense of community and also to help the many people who are using BBP to do their work faster and easier.

So I’ve taken the leap and have launched the new BBP Online website, which is the community hub for all things BBP.  Where before there was the separate Beyond Bullets blog, the Sociable Media website, and many people around the world who were working in isolation; now there is a single place we can all go to help one another to succeed.  The new site features downloads, live online working sessions with me, on-demand video and much, much more – I’m excited because it is much more interactive than a blog alone can be. I’ve cut back my travel significantly so I can spend ample time with the members of BBP Online.

I will continue to blog about BBP Online news, programs, and general effective communication – if you’d like to sign up for my new blog feed at BBP Online, click here. The content on the Beyond Bullets blog and at the Sociable Media website will gradually transition over to the new website.

Thanks again for keeping up with the Beyond Bullets blog, and I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter at BBP Online!

Happy new year,


P.S.  If any Beyond Bullets readers are interested in a complimentary 1-year membership at BBP Online, the first 50 readers who send me an email with the subject "Beyond Bullets Blog" will get an email back with a special registration page where you can sign up.  (Sorry – we’ve already reached 50.)

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2 Responses to “Beyond Bullets blog moves to new home”

  1. donkiely says:


    Something is wrong with the new blog’s feed. The links are a circular reference to the feed rather than the post, and the feed contains truncated content, literally cutting off in the middle of words.

    Thought you’d want to know!


  2. Thanks for pointing that out Don! The tech folks are working on it, and I’ll post if we end up having to change the link.

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