Beyond Bullet Points Online Course is Ready to Go!

We’ve launched our Beyond Bullet Points 101 Online Course an101 Course Imaged we wanted to tell you about it!

The BBP 101 course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating an example presentation beyond bullet points — and help you to build your own personal presentation along the way.

Modules include:

• Previewing the Route You’ll Take with BBP (Running time 12 minutes 48 seconds)
• Module 1: Comparing Two PowerPoint Routes, and Two Outcomes (26:55)
• Module 2: Igniting Your Ideas by Sparking Emotion (36:53)
• Module 3: Revving Your Intellectual Engine by Prioritizing Your Ideas (31:25)
• Module 4: Shifting from Words to Pictures by Setting Up your Storyboard (47:29)
• Module 5: Stepping on the Gas by Quickly Adding Graphics (26:56)
• Module 6: Crossing the Finish Line with Engaging Delivery (24:33)

Each module features narration, examples, downloads, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. The total Course Running Time is 207 minutes (3 hours 27 minutes).

If you’d like to read about the course on our website, please click through to our course page:

If you’d like to head directly to the course to get started, visit the course here:

Beyond Bullet Points 101 retails for $299.95, but until March 31, you can take the course for just $99.98.  If you’d like to test out the course, you can watch the preview module with no obligation, just click the Start button next to the preview module here (scroll down the page):


Now that we are launching the course, we’re simplifying the website and merging the current community into a new community around the course. now features:

• Free public webinars to be announced here
• A robust monthly newsletter with news, BBP tips and other information
• Access to the new BBP discussion board at: (requires no-cost registration)

Thanks again for your continuing to support BBP, we look forward to hearing what you think about the course!

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