Beyond Bullet Points Book Officially Launches!

It’s been a long wait, but I’m happy to announce that the Beyond Bullet Points book has officially launched!  Why the wait?  We had a technical problem getting the book cover image into the Amazon database, but as of today it’s there in full technicolor, also pictured below.

Amazon But that little glitch hasn’t stopped the bullet-free revolution from starting, though. Early readers have said some nice things about the book on the Amazon page, and others have been talking about it in various blogs here and there, including Dave Pollard, Franz Dill and Dennis Kennedy.

But I think the real fun is going to start with the reader makeovers we’re starting in the new discussion area. Many of you have asked to see more "before & after" examples, so what better examples than your own?  Reader Jim Rait is already off to a running start – he’s done a great job completing the first stage of his story template, which you can view on his makeover page. Feel free to watch the makeover process unfold in any of these examples, and contribute your comments along the way.

And if you’re looking for one more good reason to get a copy of Beyond Bullet Points, my friends at TechSmith have made a nice offer.  One of the great ways to create visuals that I describe in the book is to take a screen capture, and TechSmith has the best screen capture tool I’ve seen called SnagIt – I actually used it for the screen captures in the book as well. In the interest of promoting a more visual world, TechSmith is offering a free SnagIt license ($39.95 value) to the first 5 people who email me their Amazon receipt for the book dated March 16 or later.

I really hope you enjoy the book, and look forward to visualizing a much brighter future with you beyond bullets!

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4 Responses to “Beyond Bullet Points Book Officially Launches!”

  1. Blogger Publishes PowerPoint Book

    Cliff Atkinson, who writes the great Beyond Bullets Powerpoint blog, has just published his first book Beyond Bullets. (You might recall he got a book deal from Microsoft Press through his blogging.) I started reading Cliff’s book on a flight

  2. James Farmer says:

    Congratulations, it’s been fun watching this all come together!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Talking About Beyond Bullet Points

    Talking About Beyond Bullet Points Book Officially Launches

  4. Beyond Bullets is published

    Cliff Atkinson’s book Beyond Bullets has finally been published by Microsoft. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet, but if the content is anything like that to be found on Cliff’s blog then I’m sure it will be recommended reading for all of C…

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