BBP 2007 Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that the latest edition of Beyond Bullet Points has just arrived!  Bbp_cover_200The new book is a thorough revision of the first edition, including 7 new presentation examples, expanded explanation of key concepts and many new tips and techniques you can apply to your BBP presentations.  Weighing in at 350 pages, the book includes a new CD with a bonus chapter, an updated BBP Story Template and Storyboard Formatter, plus PDF versions of ground rules, checklists and technical guidelines. Although the book updates BBP for PowerPoint 2007, even if you have PowerPoint 2003 you’ll still find the book a signficant resource to guide you through the BBP process.  Order your book here.

(If you pre-ordered from you may have received an erroneous email saying the book won’t ship until December – to resolve the issue, cancel your pre-order and then re-order the book from Amazon. Or if you prefer to order from Barnes &, they also have copies in stock.)

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3 Responses to “BBP 2007 Now Available!”

  1. Katsuyuki says:

    Your BBP book is my bible of presentation. I order the new edition from (Japan). Thanks =).

  2. Cheriton says:

    There is a small grammatical error at the end of this post. I think it should read “…Barnes &, they also have copies…”

    Just received my copy of the book this weekend and looking forward to reading it!

  3. Thanks – I hope you enjoy the book!

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