BBP 2.0

Good news for those of you who have enjoyed Beyond Bullet Points – Microsoft Press is planning on publishing an updated version of my book to coincide with New_bookthe upcoming release of Microsoft Office 2007 early next year.  The book will carry the same title, and will include instructions on using the approach with the new version of PowerPoint in Office 2007. I can also make revisions and add up to 100 pages of new material to the book, plus include a bonus CD.

I’m excited to be able to return to the book and update it to reflect your feedback from the last year, and incorporate a list of new ideas that I’ve been collecting.  So far on the list of revisions I’ve got:

  1. A new introduction
  2. More material on the research that indicates why moving beyond bullet points improves learning
  3. Ways to make the Story Template easier to use
  4. New chapters on Storyboard Design, focusing on how to illustrate the 3 levels of hierarchy that correspond with the 5-, 15- and 45-minute columns
  5. How to increase interaction with an audience, especially when using a Tablet PC
  6. Tips for changing your organization’s PowerPoint culture
  7. And in the CD: A collection of completed story templates from a variety of professions, along with completed PowerPoint files.

What would you like to see in the new version of the book?  I’d love to hear it – you can post your thoughts in the new area of the discussion board here.

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One Response to “BBP 2.0”

  1. Andrew says:

    Awesome, Cliff! I can’t wait to upgrade to version 2.0!

    Keep up the good work.

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