Announcing – Our First Public BBP 1-Day Courses!

Hello BBP friends!

Since my book first came out five years ago, many organizations have invited me to come on-site and conduct private 1-day courses for their teams, including Sony, Toyota, Nestlé, Del Monte, Nokia, Nationwide, Deloitte, Intel, Microsoft and many more.

These 1-day courses have been accelerated, hands-on experiences where participants start the day with a topic, and end the day standing up and delivering a clear and powerful presentation using BBP.

Many of you haven’t been able to attend these private workshops because you aren’t members of large organizations, or you may not have been able to attend the private course held for your group.

But now for the first time, we’re opening up the course to the public and we’d like to invite you to attend!

Click the following link for a brochure with more details about the courses, agenda and our exciting venue: BBP LIVE 2010 Los Angeles

We’re letting the members of the BBP community know first, so you have the first chance to sign up for the limited seats at early bird pricing (good through Aug. 11). Next week we’ll announce it publicly and open it up to others to attend.

 Here’s the direct link to register for one or both courses:

 I hope you can join us, and look forward to seeing you live in Los Angeles!



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