What is Beyond Bullet Points?

It’s a means for real communications – the kind that cuts through clutter and leads to true understanding.

But be warned. BBP means a change in the way you use PowerPoint.  And it takes some time and effort.

Ask trial lawyer Mark Lanier. He used BBP techniques to present his case against drug maker Merck in a famous legal trial that made international news.

And he won a verdict of $253 million.

Or talk to Marianne, an executive in Norway who used BBP to persuade her boss to approve a $1 million project.

In only 15 minutes.

Or ask people at companies like Sony, Toyota, Nestle, Microsoft, Intel and others who’ve taken BBP to heart and put it into practice.

Another dividend

While BBP was developed to change the way people present with PowerPoint, many of its users have found that it changes something else.

The way they communicate.

They find themselves writing better emails and memos … being more effective in conversation … becoming better listeners as well as speakers.

That’s because the principles that make BBP so effective in PowerPoint presentations apply to all forms of communications.

Which means that when you join us, you may have to become accustomed to a new role:

Great communicator.