A High Voltage Conversation

If you’re interested in electrifying your audiences, increase the voltage of your conversation. That’s the core message that Henry Boettinger described his 1969 book, Moving Mountains, which includes the best definition I’ve ever read about communication:

"Presentation of ideas is conversation carried on at high voltage — at once more dangerous and more powerful."

I don’t think we could ask for a more electrifying antidote to our often stale, boring, and bullet-pointed communications culture.Voltage_1 In his brief quote, Henry describes a presentation as a two-way conversation, with the potential to carry a high-voltage exchange of energy. And beyond that, it can even be dangerous, and more powerful.  Wow – what an engaging vision for communications.

Tomorrow in my free web seminar I’ll show you how you can transform your own communications beyond bullet points in three steps. But be careful, because after you attend the seminar you just may be in danger of generating a powerful new way to electrify your ideas, yourself, and your audiences.

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2 Responses to “A High Voltage Conversation”


    I registered for the Beyond Bullets demonstration today (5/12/05) sometime back in April… didn’t receive a confirmation of my e-mail. However, we tried to log on my visitng you website today and could not find a log-on. Is there some confirmation we should have received and when will you be offering this demo again?

  2. cliff says:

    Hi Carmen – Sorry you couldn’t make it the meeting today – I’ll pass on to LiveMeeting that there was a problem with your registration.

    The good news is that the presentation was recorded, and will be available by 9am PT on May 13 at this link:


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