Monthly Archives: January 2011

Using a Classic Structure for a Marketing Presentation

When you’re pressed for time, you can always tap into the power of the classics. That’s what Halisi did when she was preparing for a quick turnaround presentation for a group of small business owners. In a 1-hour presentation coming… KEEP READING

Help Us Develop the BBP 101 Online Course

Over the years we’ve gotten many requests to create an online course that teaches the Beyond Bullet Points methodology, and we’re happy to say that we now have the project underway.   If you’re interested in helping us make sure… KEEP READING

Creating a Multiple-Day Training Presentation

If you’re an educator or trainer, using BBP helps you to orient your presentation around your key learning objectives, and to reinforce those ideas with words and images. Watch the video of this 1-hour weekly workshop recorded May 7, 2010,… KEEP READING

How to Transform an Entire Company Beyond Bullet Points

If you work within a corporation, or consult for one, introducing and using BBP can be a way to deliver big value and institute change. Watch the video of an online conversation with my special guests Alberto & Eduardo, two… KEEP READING

What do BBP and the Avatar movie have in common?

At the core of any story, including Hollywood films, are elements you can use to make your own presentations more effective. Watch the recording of this BBP weekly workshop recorded April 16, 2010, and you’ll learn: – How stories are… KEEP READING

How to Use BBP for Fun and Profit

Now that you know Beyond Bullet Points, how do you use it in your day-to-day life, your organization, and your professional development?  How can you use BBP for fun and for profit? Watch this video recorded on January 28, 2011… KEEP READING

How to Turn Data Into Stories

When all you have is data, how do you craft a story that will help your audience understand, engage and adopt your ideas?   Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded on April 9, 2010, and you’ll see how… KEEP READING

How to Add Simple Images to Make an Emotional Impact

Even when you have numbers and data to present, you still need to make an emotional connection with your audience in order to persuade them to go along with your ideas.   Watch this 1-hour video recorded on Mar. 31,… KEEP READING

How to Make Your Story Graphics Big & Chunky

Q: How can you tell you have a BBP storyboard? A: When you look at your presentation in Slide Sorter view, you can clearly see the big and chunky graphics that illustrate the top-level of your story. You’ll learn how… KEEP READING

Guiding Your Audience through Decision-Making

How do you help your audience to make a decision?   Watch the video of this BBP Weekly Workshop recorded on Mar. 19, 2010 as we work on the structure of a presentation that Bruce will deliver to a group… KEEP READING