Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to Move Beyond Stock Photography

In the first wave of presentation improvement, we moved beyond bullet points toward a more photographic approach.  But now many presentations look like they are on stock photography overload, with one photo appearing after another like a slide carousel, with… KEEP READING

Apply the Power of Metaphor to Your Stories

Tap into the deep power of metaphor to make your ideas – and your slides – cohere.   Watch the first 25 minutes of this workshop recorded Aug. 12, 2010 and you’ll learn: – Why metaphors work – A range… KEEP READING

How Management Consultants Can Reinvent PowerPoint

If you’re a management consultant, PowerPoint is an essential tool that helps you deliver news, reports, analysis and recommendations.   But if you’re not using the tool properly, you could be holding you and your clients back from being as… KEEP READING

Taking a Training Presentation to the Next Level

Even if you have a training presentation that works, it’s always a good idea to share it with others and see if you can take it to the next level.   Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded July… KEEP READING

Designing the First Hour of a 2-Day Training with BBP

How do you motivate people to learn what you have to teach?   Robert faced that problem as he prepared the first hour of his 2-day training session on the topic of project management.    The first draft of his… KEEP READING

Fine-tuning Your Story Template

If you’ve got a solid story template in place, how do you take it to the next level? Watch the 1-hour video of this BBP Weekly Workshop as we work with Susan on her presentation on a healthcare-related topic. As… KEEP READING

Creating a Video from a BBP Presentation

After you’ve gone through the effort of creating a BBP presentation, you probably want to make it as widely available as possible on the Internet. These days, software tools such as Camtasia, Brainshark, SlideShare and Adobe Presenter can help you… KEEP READING

Developing the BBP 101 Online Course, Part 2

Would you like to help us make sure the new BBP 101 online course is as good as possible?   During this weekly BBP workshop recorded June 25, 2010, you’ll get a sneak preview of where we are so far,… KEEP READING

Simplify your story, simplify your visuals

The scenario:  Julie has written a solid story structure for her presentation on how to teach health care professionals to reduce stress. The challenge: Once Julie exported her story template into her storyboard and built the slides, she felt like… KEEP READING

Creating a Research Presentation with BBP

BBP might sound like a great fit for sales or marketing presentations, but what about when the topic turns to something more challenging, such as a research presentation? It actually turns out that the more complex the topic, the more… KEEP READING