Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to Fix Common Storyboard Mistakes

Does your BBP storyboard seem fragmented because your images don’t flow from one to the next?  Did your audience think your graphics were too “fluffy?”  Was your audience unclear about your main points? Take a look at these common storyboard… KEEP READING

How to Present Your Recommendations

How can you use BBP to craft a presentation where you’ve done analysis and you’d like to make recommendations? In the video of this workshop recorded on April 10, 2009, we worked with BBP member Brian to walk the “tight… KEEP READING

Introducing a New BBP Storyboarding Tool

Many of you have run into a bit of frustration when you’re ready to export your story template from Word to PowerPoint – do you really have to do all that manual reformatting? BBP Online member Alexis Brouard has developed… KEEP READING

How to Create Graphics for Your First Five Slides

Once you’ve got a solid story structure in place, how do you begin to find the graphics to illustrate your storyboard? We tackled this issue at a workshop recorded on March 27, 2009, where we worked with BBP Online member… KEEP READING