Monthly Archives: November 2010

How to Present a Webinar Beyond Bullet Points

If you just can’t be there in person to deliver your presentation, it’s more important than ever that you are still able to tell your story using a web-based presentation delivery tool.   Watch this monthly webinar video recorded on… KEEP READING

Live from PresentationCamp LA – How to Give Better Webinars

If you weren’t able to make it to PresentationCamp LA on June 20 in Los Angeles, you can watch the video of this webinar that Cliff recorded live from the event. The PresentationCamp participants selected the topic  at the start… KEEP READING

Using BBP to Structure a Multi-Day Training Course

Interested in learning how to use BBP for education and training over longer time periods? Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded on June 11, 2009, and observe how BBP Online subscriber David from New Zealand used BBP to… KEEP READING

Using BBP to Pitch Your Idea to Investors

When you need to pitch your business idea to investors (or persuade any audience to act or think differently), it’s essential that you structure your presentation in a way that captures their attention, clarifies the benefits to them, and enhances… KEEP READING

Using BBP To Introduce and Get Buy-In on a New Project

When you have a new project you’d like to introduce to an audience and get their buy-in, the way you introduce it and facilitate discussion can determine whether you succeed or not. Watch the video of this BBP Workshop as… KEEP READING

Making the Journey to Better Graphics

How can you make a strong and coherent visual statement in your first five slides?  It’s a common approach today to add a different stock photograph to each slide, which is definitely a better approach than using bullet points. But… KEEP READING

Overcoming Objections in a Sales Pitch

What happens when the prospective customer in your audience has major objections to your pitch? Watch the 1-hour video of this weekly workshop recorded on May 15, 2009, as I work with BBP subscriber Ray to overcome obstacles in his… KEEP READING

Using BBP for Education and Training

Interested in learning how to use BBP for education and training? Watch the video of this workshop recorded on May 8, 2009, and learn: General theory and techniques for structuring presentations for teaching a topic A specific example of motivating… KEEP READING

Motivating a Team to Learn a New Topic

It can be tough to motivate an audience inside of your organization to learn something new.  Everybody is busy, and learning a new topic is just one more item in a busy schedule. Watch the video of this workshop recorded… KEEP READING

Get Great Graphics on a $60 Budget!

How can you get great graphics for a BBP presentation when you’re on a tight budget? Watch BBP member Jonathan West share his secrets in this video of a weekly workshop recorded April 24, 2009, and you’ll learn: What a… KEEP READING