Monthly Archives: August 2010

Taking a Presentation from Good to Great

BBP Online member Bill Ramos brought a good presentation to our the BBP Online working session workshop on Friday, Dec. 19 – a solid story intended to get his team members thinking about ways they could respond to customer requests… KEEP READING

What the Research Says about BBP

What does the research say about the Beyond Bullet Points approach, and if you’re trying to persuade others to use BBP, what’s the best way to use the research to make your case? Watch the video of this special workshop… KEEP READING

How to Shape a Story to Share Your Knowledge

In this video of a workshop recorded on Nov. 14, BBP member Jim had an upcoming presentation to give to other organizers of lacrosse sports teams. What would be the best way to make an emotional impact with them? To… KEEP READING

How to Help Others with BBP

Once you know the basics of BBP, how can you help others to write their story templates and create their storyboards? Watch the video of this brainstorming workshop recorded on October 31, and you’ll hear a range of ideas and… KEEP READING

How to Format and Sketch Your Storyboard

Refresh yourself on the basics of formatting and sketching a BBP storyboard in the video recording of this workshop, and learn how to: – Firm up your story structure. – Import your story into PowerPoint. – Create and apply custom… KEEP READING

How to Get Your Project Approved

During this BBP Presentation Clinic on Oct. 3, 2008, I worked with BBP Online Member John Forbes to structure his presentation to get buy-in for his upcoming project. As you watch this video recording, you’ll learn how we: – Chose… KEEP READING

How to Turn Thoughts into Sketches, with Visual Expert Dave Gray

One of the fundamental communication skills everyone needs to have is the ability to turn thoughts into sketches. But where do you go to learn how to do that? Look no further than the video of this workshop recorded┬áSept. 26,… KEEP READING

How to Improve Your Story Structure

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the BBP approach, you have in place a basic story structure that makes it easier for your audience to digest and remember information. But what can you do to take the first draft of… KEEP READING

The BBP Basics – Writing Act II

If you’re new to BBP or just looking for a refresher, watch the video of this workshop recorded on Sept. 5, 2008 as we walk through the steps of writing Act II of the BBP story template. Act II distills… KEEP READING

The BBP Basics – Creating the First Five Slides

If you’re new to BBP or just looking for a refresher, watch the video of this workshop from Aug. 28, 2008 as we walk through the steps of creating the first five slides of any presentation using BBP. In the… KEEP READING