Monthly Archives: August 2008

Minimize Your PPTs with PPTminimizer

PowerPoint files can turn into a monstrosity. Forget about emailing the big ones to someone. They also add bulge to a hard drive (or server). While you can do lots of tricks to shrink the files yourself, you and your… KEEP READING

Book Review: Presentation Zen

99 percent of PowerPoint presentation sucks. So begins Presentation Zen with an introduction from Guy Kawasaki. Or I should say, the book opens with a presentation from Kawasaki. Before getting to business, author Garr Reynolds explains that Presentation Zen is… KEEP READING

Product Review: Editable Maps for PowerPoint

Maps make great visual aids in a presentation. You might want to use maps in your presentation to show the locations of your offices, where your customers are, or doing an Al Gore and showing the effects of the environment… KEEP READING

Product Review: Timeline Maker

When you have a complex story to tell that takes place over specific dates, a timeline can help guide your audience if you show a simplified version on screen, and a detailed handout on paper. For example, one BBP user did a presentation on… KEEP READING