Monthly Archives: June 2008

Hit a Presentation Homerun

What does it take to hit a presentation home run? Here’s an example of how we helped a forum member with his presentation. Does it spark ideas for yours? The member needs to “sell” a partnership between his son’s school… KEEP READING

Review: 280 Slides (Beta)

Interested in learning more about the new online presentation authoring tools that you may have been hearing about? 280 Slides is one of these free services in beta that lets you create and share presentations online. If you travel or… KEEP READING

Share Your Presentations Online

Looking for ways to share your presentations with colleagues, friends or the world at large? There are many online presentation services that have popping up lately that may just fit the bill. Most of these services allow you to┬áimport PowerPoint… KEEP READING

Finding Clipart, Images and Visuals for Presentations

Though the BBP method relies heavily on visuals to tell a story and make an impact, finding the right images doesn’t come easy. You could take pictures yourself, but you can’t always capture what you need or the way you… KEEP READING

Welcome aboard, Meryl!

I’d like to welcome Meryl Evans as a new contributor to The BBP Blog and the BBP Online discussion forums. Meryl is a writer and a member of BBP Online, and is passionate about helping you to find the resources… KEEP READING