Monthly Archives: April 2008

How to Design a Slide for a Story

One of the most powerful ways to make an abstract concept concrete is to tell an anecdote – a brief story that makes your point. When I worked with BBP Online member Kathy Kerchner on her presentation recently, one of… KEEP READING

Make Your Meaning Visible with the Right Outline

Whatever outline you choose to structure your ideas can make the difference between listing facts or making sense. This distinction becomes visible when you use a tool like mindmapping to structure your ideas. When you choose a “category outline” approach,… KEEP READING

How to Create a 15-Minute Presentation in 1 Hour (with graphics!)

Is it possible to create a 15-minute BBP presentation in 1 hour? The answer we demonstrated in Friday’s BBP e-Lesson is yes! Recently I invited BBP Online members to submit any presentation topic they chose, and I would work with… KEEP READING

Make Your Ideas Concrete by Using a Prop in Your PowerPoint

There are times when using a screen during a presentation can actually work against you. Yes, I know that sounds like BBP heresy, but it’s true. There’s no doubt that using multimedia can dramatically increase the ability of your audience… KEEP READING