Monthly Archives: March 2008

How to Get a $1 Million Budget Approved in 15 Minutes

What kind of results can you get when you use BBP for your most important presentations? BBP Online member Marianne from Norway was amazed to get buy-in for a project from senior executives because of her BBP presentation, along with… KEEP READING

How to Fix a Top BBP Storyboard Mistake

Is your BBP storyboard fragmented because your images don’t flow from one to the next? If so, it’s likely a symptom of the #1 BBP storyboard mistake I see — adding a separate stock photograph to individual slides, without creating a… KEEP READING

Let’s Get LinkedIn

Interested in finding new ways to connect with others who are practicing BBP? Social networking tools are making it easier than ever to meet people who share common interests like ours. For example, BBP Online member Andrew Storrs just set up a… KEEP READING

Get some photo links

The BBP approach will work most powerfully for you when you use a synchronized stream of images and narration to present yourself and your ideas.  But where in the world do you get the images? The good news is that there are many… KEEP READING

The BBP Blog (re)launches

We just installed brand-new blog technology into BBP Online, so we’ll better be able to keep in touch here at The BBP Blog.  The blog is dedicated to helping you present yourself and your ideas effectively, so keep in touch to… KEEP READING