Monthly Archives: June 2005

Show Me the Money Slide

If you put your conclusions first, people are more likely to stay with you until the end. I recently analyzed a market research presentation, and its structure went something like this: Background and methodology (Slides 2-6: charts, diagrams, bullets) Key… KEEP READING

Presenters are from Mars, Audiences are from Venus

How wide is the gap between how you see yourself as a presenter, and how your audience sees you? Probably very wide, according to a survey conducted by Andy Goodman for his new book coming out in December, When Bad… KEEP READING

The CEO’s Secret PowerPoint

If CEOs count communication skills as central to leadership, how much do you and your organization invest in developing them? The cover story of the July 2005 issue of Business 2.0 magazine describes an unpublished set of business guidelines in… KEEP READING

The Slide-Free PowerPoint

When your PowerPoint process helps you to clarify your ideas, it turns out you can make an effective presentation whether you use your slides or not. Garr Reynolds tells a great story about someone who used the Beyond Bullet Points… KEEP READING

Welcome new bloggers!

A couple of new blogs you may find interesting: Jim Rait had so many good comments to add to the BBP discussion board, I encouraged him to start a blog. He apparently had already been considering it, so he finally… KEEP READING

The Heart of Story Structure

Last year I told Steve Niederhauser about Jim Bonnet’s excellent Storymaking Seminar here in Los Angeles – I also wrote a post about Jim’s work here in "Storymaking vs. Storytelling". Well it looks like Steve made it to Jim’s workshop… KEEP READING

Finding Free Photos

Robin Good recently posted a list of great resources for free photographs. One of his listings is a Hungarian site called Stock Exchange, which many readers tell me they like and use frequently.