Monthly Archives: May 2005

Rapid Visual Prototyping

When you’ve got a strategy to design, why not project it on the wall and work on it with your team? In a recent Fast Company article titled "Strategy by Design", Tim Brown, the CEO of the product design firm… KEEP READING

Download a Special Edition of my May 12 Presentation

If you’d like a special copy of the presentation I gave on May 12 at Microsoft Office LiveMeeting, you can download it from this new seminar resource page.  (There are lots of other goodies there, including a special offer on… KEEP READING

Miss my May 12 web seminar? Watch it now!

In case you weren’t able to attend my May 12 web seminar “Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points,” a free recording is now available for viewing online here (link has expired), courtesy of Microsoft Office LiveMeeting. Some of the photo… KEEP READING

A High Voltage Conversation

If you’re interested in electrifying your audiences, increase the voltage of your conversation. That’s the core message that Henry Boettinger described his 1969 book, Moving Mountains, which includes the best definition I’ve ever read about communication: "Presentation of ideas is… KEEP READING

Information Overload Makes You Dumb

This may sound like a no-brainer, but a couple of new studies report that people suffer a drop in their thinking ability when they experience information overload. One recent study at Kansas State University reported that the MTV-inspired scrolling tickers… KEEP READING

Norman calls Tufte’s PPT Criticisms “Nonsense”

For those of you who keep up with such things, usability expert Don Norman just published an essay titled In Defense of PowerPoint, in which he aims squarely at the criticisms of PowerPoint by information design guru Edward Tufte. In… KEEP READING

May 12 Seminar Temporarily “Sold Out”

In case you recently couldn’t sign up for my upcoming free May 12 web seminar, it turns out the event "sold out" this weekend because we unexpectedly surpassed the maximum number of registrations for the event (2,500!). The folks at… KEEP READING

The Meta Story Template

How scalable is your story structure? The free Beyond Bullet Points story template is designed to easily scale a presentation to 5, 15, or 45 minutes without losing the integrity of your story. With a few clicks of the mouse… KEEP READING