Monthly Archives: April 2005

Nine Narrative Threads

When you’re looking for inspiration on how to structure a story, look no farther than your own television set.  According to a great article in today’s New York Times Magazine by Steven Johnson ("Watching TV Makes You Smarter"), television writers… KEEP READING


If you want to see the source of the prevailing PowerPoint paradigm today, look no farther than your own corporate PowerPoint template. If you don’t have corporate template handy, it’s pretty easy to find the PowerPoint template for many organizations… KEEP READING

The Protagonist Pivot Point

If we can agree on the theory that a presentation should be "all about the audience", the harsh reality today is that so many presentations are still "all about me." That’s what struck me the other day when I watched… KEEP READING

The Slide of Things to Come

When you experience a storyboard breakthrough, you’re only one step away from unlocking the visual power of your persuasive story. The other day I described how far along Kim had been progressing on her PowerPoint makeover, and today she sent… KEEP READING