Monthly Archives: March 2005

Join me for a LIVE Presentation Makeover at 9am Pacific on May 12!

Interested in seeing for yourself how you can transform your PowerPoint approach Beyond Bullet Points? I’m pleased to announce that the nice folks over at Microsoft Office LiveMeeting have invited me to present a free web seminar at 9am Pacific… KEEP READING

A Storyboard Field Goal

With a strong motif running through your communications, you are sure to play a winning game. Just ask Kim, who has developed a great recurring theme for the script she is writing for her PowerPoint makeover.  The latest round of… KEEP READING

Emotion vs. Reason?

The next time you structure your communication, is it more important to appeal to emotion or to reason? It turns out that question may be a false dichotomy, because according to neuroscientists people need both emotion and reason in order… KEEP READING

Finding Your Center of Gravity

If you want your communication to be coherent, find your center of gravity. Whenever I look at a PowerPoint presentation for the first time, I go to Slide Sorter view to get the lay of the land: Can I see… KEEP READING

Visual Persuasion

Visually persuasive? Or not?  That’s one of the important questions you have to ask about a slide once you’ve moved beyond bullet points.  When you approach each slide as a full-screen palette, there are endless things you can do with… KEEP READING

Show me your storyboard

If you say it’s important to use a story today to communicate your ideas, then here’s a challenge for you: Show me your storyboard. It’s been quite a while since we stopped telling stories around campfires, and started telling them… KEEP READING

Beyond the Japanese Bullet Train

One of the fascinating things about the conventional bullet-point approach to PowerPoint is that it produces remarkably consistent results, even across international borders. That’s why I was particularly interested to hear what happened when Naotake Murayama tried out the Beyond… KEEP READING

The Narrative Backbone

Stop thinking of PowerPoint as a visual tool and you will dramatically improve your visuals, not to mention the quality of the entire communication experience. My friend Frank Blair invited me to be a guest speaker last night at his… KEEP READING

7 x 20 = Overload

Put 7 bullet points per slide on 20 slides and you have 140 reasons why you are creating cognitive overload for your audience. Jason Kottke pointed out the results of a new study in cognitive science that found that people… KEEP READING

The 5-Minute Storyboard

When you start off with a good story structure, you can transform it into a storyboard in a snap.  We just proved the case by taking Jim’s story template and transferring it to PowerPoint to create a 5-minute storyboard (Download… KEEP READING