Monthly Archives: February 2005

The War of Two Mindsets

The great battle for clarity and simplicity in our time is not between PowerPoint and paper, but between two mindsets. In one corner is the orthodox worldview that gives shape to everything you see in PowerPoint today, called "information presentation." … KEEP READING

Send your Notes Pages, not your Slides

If you’re still "sending your slides", you haven’t yet stretched your PowerPoint thinking as far as it can go.  Because when you stretch yourself into the new world of a unified design approach, things only make sense when you start… KEEP READING

Politics in a PowerPoint Package

Agree or disagree with the politics of Republicans, you have to give them credit for tapping into the power of PowerPoint as a sophisticated media tool for packaging and spreading a message. According to a recent article,  "GOP leaders are… KEEP READING

Why Board Members Should Ban Bullets

The boards of directors of every organization should immediately ban the use of bullet points on PowerPoint screens, if they accept these research findings: Adding text to a screen in a multimedia presentation that is identical to the narration harms… KEEP READING

The Filmic Lens

If we didn’t see a PowerPoint slide as a piece of paper projected onto a wall, how much would our perspective change? Most analysis of PowerPoint applies principles of print design as the criteria for failure or success. That’s fine… KEEP READING

99% Perspiration, 1% Visualization

Hollywood has learned from a century of experience that you have to have a script before you pick up a camera. It’s the story, after all, that determines the mood, the structure, the substance and the style of the communication… KEEP READING

Download Chapter 1 of my new book, “Beyond Bullet Points”

In the competition for most efficient online retailer, gets my vote because they’re the first to ship my book.  Not only that, but Barnes & Noble editor Bill Camarda wrote a very nice review there as well., on… KEEP READING

Pump up the volume

If you want people to take notice of what you say, you simply need to pump up the volume. Max Atkinson (no relation) has advised politicians on both sides of the aisle and on both sides of the Atlantic about… KEEP READING

How do you feel about bullet points?

What do you do if you’re watching a bullet-point presentation and you just can’t take it anymore?  An anonymous writer describes the pain we’ve all felt in that situation in an eloquent and witty article in Managing Information Strategies magazine,… KEEP READING

How to Structure a Story: Act I (Microcast)

Everyone says you should tell a story, but exactly how do you do that?  Aristotle was pretty clear about it 2,400 years ago when he wrote Poetics, and Hollywood screenwriters more recently have adapted his ideas to the idea of… KEEP READING