Monthly Archives: August 2004

The Worst of Both Worlds

One of the reasons we might be having problems with PowerPoint is that we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. That’s what struck me the other day when I interviewed professor Dale Cyphert about the relationship between our… KEEP READING

Microsoft Press to Publish “Beyond Bullets” Book

I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft Press will publish my new book titled Beyond Bullets, scheduled for release in February 2005 (read the press release here). I started this blog because I assumed there had to be a number of… KEEP READING

Ready, Fire, Aim

The next time you aim to write something, the best place to start might not be paper, but your PowerPoint slides. Silicon Valley legend Guy Kawasaki was one of the people responsible for the success of the Macintosh computer, and… KEEP READING

Mystery Media

What kind of medium is PowerPoint? And where does it fit in the range of other media including film, TV, photography, comics, websites, and paper? Scott McCloud is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to understanding… KEEP READING

Aristotle’s Top 10 PowerPoint Tips

Western philosophers have been mapping a course to clear communication for more than 2,500 years, but judging by many PowerPoint presentations today, you would think we completely missed the boat. That means it’s time for us to hit the PowerPoint… KEEP READING

Signal to Noise

If your PowerPoint slides are generating more noise than signal, it’s time to fine-tune your approach and re-engineer your headlines. The engineering term signal-to-noise ratio describes the relationship between meaningful information (signal) to meaningless information (noise). The higher the ratio… KEEP READING