Monthly Archives: June 2004

The Case of the Missing Metrics

If it seems mysterious that we sometimes talk in circles about PowerPoint and things don’t get any better, just follow the trail of the missing metrics. That’s where we’ll find a clue that will help us crack this unsolved mystery.… KEEP READING

(In)Decision 2004

Is there ever a time you might want to decide to surprise your audience with some unexpected meaning? There’s a TV show on Comedy Central that has a regular segment titled “Indecision 2004”, which is a satire on the news… KEEP READING

Unpolished PowerPoint

When the stakes for your presentation are so high that your business depends on it, wouldn’t you want your presentation to be as polished as possible? We would all naturally think so, but sometimes what we see isn’t what we… KEEP READING

Drive-By Inspiration

If you’re looking to jump-start your creative engines, look no further than right outside your windshield. That’s exactly where you might see some very interesting creative concepts looming high and wide across your view, in the form of very large… KEEP READING

The Presentation Dashboard

Would you be willing to let go of the steering wheel of your PowerPoint vehicle for a minute, if it meant you could get to where you’re going faster and more efficiently? And to raise the stakes a little, what… KEEP READING

Fire, Water, Earth, Air

If you can transform ideas into pictures, you can transform media into meaning. One of the really interesting things about PowerPoint is that it has transformed our concept of the “visual aid”. In the days of overhead projectors, you could… KEEP READING

What’s Your (Audience’s) Problem?

If you don’t know your audience’s problem, you’ve got a big problem. Because without a problem, your PowerPoint has no pivot point, and its center cannot hold. Here’s a case in point. George had done a great job of creating… KEEP READING

Rare, Medium or Well Done?

How do you like your meatiest ideas — rare, medium, or well done? Unfortunately, many PowerPoint slides that are overloaded with bullet points are simply platters of ideas that have not yet been fully grilled by the flame of critical… KEEP READING

The Shifting Corporate Canvas

How wide and high can you stretch your thinking about ways you can use PowerPoint? From what I’ve seen, you could expand it at least 35 feet across and 10.5 feet tall, because those were the dimensions for a projected… KEEP READING

A PowerPoint Culture Clash

Sometimes it takes a culture clash to make us aware that sometimes we are unaware. Company A had a powerful PowerPoint approach. Every PowerPoint was limited to only a few slides, and had to be accompanied by a written report… KEEP READING